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Originally Posted by txhunter-1 View Post
Hey Jason, what do you season with in the pressure cooker and how long do you cook it for? Looks good man.
For a 5lbs shoulder/butt i used

-2tbls of salt
-1tbls of fresh cracked black pepper
-2tbls of cumin
-2tbls of chili powder ( i used both ancho and light chili powder, 1 tbls of each)
-2tbls of garlic powder
-1/2tsp of cinnamon

Im using a 22quart presto pressure cooker so it's kinda big which mean i have put enough cooking liquid in it to last entire time it cooks. In the pressure cooker i put:

-6cups of chicken stock
-10 cloves of garlic
-1 onion chopped
-spoon full of black pepper corns
-2 bay leaves

Cook at high pressure for an 1hr 40min. The rule of thumb for thick cuts of meat or roast seems to be 20min/lb.

Alot of the things you put in the pressure cooker is for aromatics and some flavor but i feel like it loses some flavor because of the cooking process. Thats why i shred the meat, season it again and then put in a hot pan with 2-3tbls of oil to crisp it up. (On the 2nd round of season i didn't put the cinnamon on it.)
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