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Originally Posted by kyle1974 View Post
Everything I read was from today, Including the statement on colts website. Sorry I didnít track that email down.

It sounds like people like you refuse to believe a company engaged in government contracts, (a company who lost all its contracts in 2013) could possibly bend to political pressure and spin it as an unprofitable business.

Itís ironic that the company who has been making this rifle longer than anyone canít make a better value for consumers. Maybe they deserve to go bankrupt.

It took me all of three minutes to track that down with the worldís most popular search engine. Itís not hard if youíre interested in the real story. If you just want hype for people to click on itís probably impossible, but I wouldnít know. I donít refuse to believe anythingó I just donít buy everything I see on the internet.
Maybe look up what irony means.
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