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I agree that TTHA had a LOT to do with the promotion of the deer breeding businesses and it can be argued that these operations have hurt deer hunting in Texas. I had a meeting with the folks at TTHA and voiced the concerns that most of you have stated and here is what I learned.
The magazine has more articles from members and wanting more, almost no ads from deer breeders and looking to go to shorter articles to hold the interest of millennials whose attention span is not very long.
As most of you know, I am one of the staff writers. Most of my articles are of the "how to" variety as I feel that my 60 years of hunting experience might help a guy that is new to the game. I keep writing for the magazine as I want to see the TTHA survive. As many of you have stated, it was a great magazine before the scientific breeding came along.
I feel that it is important that we continue to have the Extravaganzas, as it gives us a chance as a huge fraternity to gather and visit in advance of the hunting season. (This is the only part of TTHA that makes money). Parking has become a huge problem at the shows. I can remember when you could park at Will Rogers for free. I feel that the new management at TTHA thinks more as we do and the magazine has made huge improvements over the last couple of years.
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