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Originally Posted by Stick1 View Post
Just a quick update on the TBH build status. I have copy/pasted the original schedule below with updates.

1. We will start taking orders tomorrow and close the books on Feb 9th at 6:00 PM. Stock and Barrel P.O.ís will be placed at that time with our vendors on a single order to get our pricing break.
- This is the only thing that happened on time! Some components are running behind

2. Short actions are currently in stock. Long, Magnum and Short Mag actions are scheduled to arrive by Feb 15th, so they will be ready in plenty of time.
- Long, Mag and short mags have not arrived at this point. We are being told that short mags will deliver on 5/14/18 and long/Mags will deliver on 5/21/18.

3. Barrels will be scheduled to arrive by March 23rd
- We have been receiving small shipments as they complete and are scheduled to receive a large, possibly final shipment on 5/7/18.

4. Long action stocks should arrive sometime mid-April
- All of these except a few have arrived!

5. Short action stocks will be in late May
- These are tracking on time as well. Should have them all here by 5/25/18

As promised, we will be hammering through these builds as soon as we get the parts in hand. I'd expect to see a flood of TBH builds being posted in the near future I'll keep this thread updated as things progress.

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Thanks for the update!
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