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Default North Korea

Just thinking outloud....It would take 140 B-1B and B-52H sorties loaded with CBU-87, CBU-103, CBU-89, CBU-104, BLU-108, and CBU-105 munitions to seed an area with anti-armor cluster munitions to cover 1,400 sq. miles of the most likely North Korean rocket and artillery positions to threaten Seoul South Korea. So a combination of 30 B-1B bombers, 30 B-52H bombers, and 30 F/A-18 bombers can deliver a massive attack to take out all of North Korea's artillery and rocket positions all at once. Hey, What the heck, add in 8 B-2A Spirit stealth bombers delivering a total of 16 earth-penetrating weapons to take out command-and-control (C&C) facilities deep inside North Korea, plus dozens of sub-and sea-launched cruise missiles to take out regional C&C sites.
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