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Originally Posted by str8shooter View Post
Hey SMC - Do you personally know anyone that lives in a country with a single-payer socialized system? My bets are that you don't. I know a lot of Canadians. Went to college with them up in Alaska. Have met a bunch more while vacationing in Mexico. Not a single one of them felt the Canadian system was better than ours before ObamaCare. Not one. And all of them would come to the US to get treatment for something major when they could. Why? Because there aren't enough doctors, the doctors there aren't as good as the ones in the US and the government has to grant permission for certain procedures.

My facts come from people I've met and known from another country and hearing their stories.

You have no clue.
I've had girlfriends from Austria, Italy and England
I've lived in England with the British one
Oh and the French one once we visited St Barths and I got ocean water stuck in my ear and their little clinic on island got it out for me for free.

Not emergency.
Just an urgent care visit.

Yes, people from Texas that cast and blast actually do get out in the world
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