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Originally Posted by BrandonA View Post
On our lake the bait fish had 3 yrs of spawning. Last spring added about 2000 threadfin shad and will add more this year. We then added 1000 Camelot Bells ( Pure Floridas ). I am going to look at possibly adding hybrids in year 4 or 5 after our bass get mature and established.
They had an economical plan that was a multi year deal, but I went for the full meal, no waiting plan with adult bluegill. Also a feeding program was taken into account. 30#s stocked FHM are just a starter forage and supposed to be gone within one year and should be 800#s plus by end of June. By then the 3000 CNB should be full swing. Again this is for a 2 acre pond, but I kept reading about letting your forage fish have extra time. I have 250 adult CNB that should spawn 4 to 5 times this year. If 1/2 are females, that should average 1.5 Million eggs per spawn. I don't know for sure was the proper stocking and there was too much data going too many directions. One other note, my goal wasn't trying for LARGE bass. That may have changed how things are being stocked. I wanted larger numbers of 3-5 pound bass, and 2 pound bluegill, with the occasional surprise HSB.

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