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Originally Posted by Etxbuckman View Post
I’m watching it now and so far it’s awesome.

I don’t know anything about Ma Ferguson so forgive me for asking but what was so bad about her?
She was turning criminals out left and right and The Rangers “wouldn’t mind her”....there is now a state law that prohibits The Rangers from ever being disbanded again. The movie was very friendly to her.

I’ve always been told the Eastham Warden is the man who was responsible for bringing Hamer and Gault back to service again, not her.

The movie is pretty close to historically accurate also (to the best of what I’ve read and been taught). The filmmakers consulted with The Rangers and The Ranger Musuem in Waco.

I wish we could get the B and C car from the Nevada Casino in the’s current value is between 5-10 million dollars

We have the Colt r80 machine gun and it’s value is well over 90k...just as a gun not counting is B and C heritage

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