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Default 3/13/2016 Updates

We were at the ranch this past weekend. We ended up receiving around 6in of rain and boy was it wet out there. Both the big and small ponds were overflowing and everything was starting to green up really nice.
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Filaree is everywhere out there right now, which is around 14% crude protein and 65% TDN:
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I attached a piece of metal on both sides of the 1,000lb ASF trough to prevent turkeys from being able to reach in and eat out of it. We'll see if this helps.
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The Krivoman timed unit is working great and they are really hitting the cottonseed right now:
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San Saba River:
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We found four sheds this weekend and they happened to be two matching sets. Each antler was about 400 yards away from each other so I was very surprised when we found two matching sets:
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