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Default 1/30/2016 Update (Krivoman Protein Adapter Installed)

So my twin brother and older brother went out to the ranch this weekend to fill all of the feeders (protein, cottonseed, etc.) and install the Krivoman timed protein adapter on one of our feeders. We are definitely going to buy another Krivoman timed protein adapter and put it on another one of our Krivoman feeders because this will allow us to continue to feed it during the deer season, but it will be on a timer just like a normal corn feeder. I also think it will help prevent the turkeys from eating all of the corn off the ground, but only time will tell about the turkeys. Here are some pictures:

1,500lb Krivoman feeder with the Krivoman timed protein adapter:
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Couple more pictures of the new water trough that we installed on the north side of our property:
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We put out 1,000lbs of cottonseed, 2,400lbs of 20% protein, and 1,450lbs of Spincast feed. This Spincast feed is 14% protein and provides better nutrition than corn and works great in our corn feeders. It's basically a small pellet and corn mix.
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