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We want the 1,500lb feeder to be timed just to help us save a little money, plus we are going to use the Krivoman timed adapter during deer season so we will be feeding protein year round in this 1,500lb Krivoman feeder as well as the 1,000lb all seasons trough. We are feeding a spincast mix (smaller protein pellet and corn mix) in our two 1,000lb+ Krivoman corn feeders. I just didn't know if we should think about spreading these two protein feeders away. Next year, we will buy another one of the Krivoman timed units and put that at the NW as well. Again, we are feeding free choice out of two protein feeders, one timed protein feeder and slinging a protein mix out of two corn feeders. We are also putting out around 1,000lbs of cottonseed a month.
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