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Originally Posted by Dry Bones View Post
In order to get no let off , unfortunately, I would set the draw length a little further, but keep the stop in place.. I think. Maybe?
As long as that did not make the poundage come down any at my draw?
Again just throwing out some food for thought right now. I do realize that by moving the draw further the cam rotation will not be complete, which gives us more let-off at the back of the rotation. Basically trying to stop the rotation at the top peak, just before break over.
If the bow is modular, you can start by leaving DS At your current setting, then put the 1/2 inch longer module in.
You should be able to get the performance of the additional power force curve, and LESS let-off, but not zero.
If you can shoot this setting comfortably, you can try the 1 full inch longer mod, and leave the DS at the same place, but I don't think you'll be able to peak the power force curve of the full inch, and you will be holding peak weight.
At best, I think with either of these, you will gain 5 to 7 fps if any.
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