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Originally Posted by muddyfuzzy View Post
there are things (like broadhead desgin) which have a much greater impact on terminal performance of an arrow regardless of FOC, momentum and/or KE. these are simply numbers based off calculations. most properly tuned bows are more efficient with a heavier payload, this we know. a great example of this is the manifestation of hand shock or added noise on the release in a bow using a lighter payload. the most important thing to remember here (and i like having these discussion btw) is that these numbers are simply reference points. while they may give us some insight into terminal perfromance they by no means are a be all end all. i will build arrows based on what my customers want first and foremost, all i can do is point them in what i believe to be the right direction. i get some crazy requests, but to each is own.
If I may I would like to add a bit to this discussion. I believe, when were talking penetration, that if you have an arrow that does not have all the mass behind it, i.e. properly tuned for optimum straight arrow flight, then you loose the power of the arrow mass, speed and wt. If that arrow goes in a bit off center then it does not have the force, be it KE or Momentum, to drive that BH as efficiently as it should. Tuning is just as important as the other factors. I am following and this is very interesting, by now you all know I am not one of the techy's on here. Watching, listening, learning, thinking.
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