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I'm not going to be the one that explains this well,but here it goes. Kinetic is for impact in all directions. This is not what you want for a arrow. Momentum is one direction. Foward. That is the way you want your arrow to be going. Kinetic really means nothing in archery. It's just another marketing gimmick.

If you think kinetic is what you have to have in archery go find you a recurve man.

Here's a test for you. Get a good two blade head. Something that can take a hard hit. Get you a 55 gallon still drum. Fill it full of water. Now shoot your riffle through the side of that barrel. Now shoot your arrow through the side. That will show you the difference in kinetic (all direction energy) and momentum( Foward energy)
Question for you...

Can you change the kinetic energy of your bow by changing the tackle? (I'm with you about momentum / kinetic energy, this is a separate discussion study)

On the light end, my bow pushes a 480 grain arrow to about 290 fps. The KE is about 89. If I go with a heavier setup, I'm pushing about a 580 grain arrow to a little over 260 fps... For about 89 foot pounds. If I go up to about 630 grains, my bow will push it to a little over 250 fps... Still 89 foot pounds.
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