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Originally Posted by Texas276
I think we all see that you are most likely just trying to cut out folks selling knives that don't have the coveted "knife selling" sponsorship, but don't dismantle the DIY section to do it.
Originally Posted by Casey View Post
I think she means that the DIY threads should be more than a pic of a finished project. Doesn't have to be how-to, but it should at least include more than just a pic of what was done.

I hope it means more than that. This is my take on this....A "do it your selfer" makes things for himself. Usually it's to save some money or make something that isn't readily available. Sometimes it's just to see if you can make/build something different and have pride in making it. He/she doesn't do it to promote a product to sell.

Knives are a good example of this. Have seen many a knife DIY thread that is simply showing off a product to sell. Pictures are posted with little to no explanation on the process of making them. When you start taking orders, selling products and receiving money for a product you are no longer a DIY'er but a business man.

Maybe there should be a commercial classified forum and then the knife makers can pay to advertise and sell their wares in there. Same thing for others such as metal fab shops that make BBQ pits/smokers

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