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Originally Posted by CrookedArrow View Post
As I already do not have enough tid bit hobbies. My lease buddy has taken on the trad sport. Bill aka boh347 has killed in his first yr a hog and a DEER. He says he will no longer pick up his 1200 dollar compound bow. I am now kicking it around as to trying it out.

You Tube is my friend IF, IF, IF I do decide to give it a shot with trad I am going pretty cheap, Samick Sage. Yeah I know it isn't a Bear, BW etc. I can not justify going all out on a first trad bow and for whatever reason I may not think it was for me. Hope that makes sense.

Watching one guy shoot a Sage set at 55 lbs and shooting about 175 feet per second??? Kinetic Energy has to be a trad guys friend. So yeah I have been absorbing a bunch of stuff from YT on trad shooting and hunting.

I will let you know how I progress. More importantly I will be asking a bunch of questions for help in here as well................

Now then, get your equipment--your quiver and bow--and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me. Genesis 27:3
First off, love the Bible verse. I put Genesis 27:3 as my "name" on my Black Widow...

But to answer your question... speed doesn't kill, shot placement kills. Speed just makes it easier to determine where the deer's vitals will be when your arrow gets there.

Nothing wrong with a sage. I killed my first few critters with a 50# sage. Still have it, would use it as a back up without hesitation and it currently has my bow fishing rig on it. In fact, p_dot on here just tagged out with a sage this season... He has more to show for with his $200 bow than I do with my $1200 bow and I had just as many cracks at deer that he probably did... so it is not the bow, but the guy pulling the string.

Have fun with it... it is definitely an adventure... can be frustrating at times too. Plenty of folks on here have been through just about any problem you might face along the way or question you may have.

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