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[QUOTE=bassmatt72;8402419]Everyone will be responsible for their own drinks and mid day snacks through out the weekend. Sharing is acceptable!
Lunch Friday: everyone on their own
Supper Friday: Bassmatt72- Pinto beans with sausage and rice, and chocolate dessert
Chackworth3 - approximately 30 bowls and spoons, paper towels

Breakfast Saturday: Phillip- scrambled eggs, onion, peppers, potatoes, cheddar cheese
Featherflinger - tortillas
Chackworth3- plates, forks, napkins/paper towels

Lunch Saturday: Deer99hunter- Nilgia burgers
Doc- Ketchup, mustard, mayo and chips
Chuncky-chips and buns
Chackworth3- plates, paper towels

Supper Saturdayeer99hunter-Seafood
Bassmatt72- corn on the cob and spray butter
Need- other vegetables to grill
Featherflinger- zucchini
Chackworth3- plates, forks?, paper towels

Breakfast Sunday: Hunter Todd- burritos

Lunch Sunday: Late breakfast after morning hunt, each person on there own for food after morning breakfast.
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