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Originally Posted by Ron Meloni View Post
Not sure what the problem was tonight, but I'm kinda let down. Not sure if it was the extra stout in combo with the corojo, but it seemed to clash quite a bit. Like they fought each other. Maybe needed a whiskey or something other, but my selection was wrong. I have more and will try something different next time for sure. Tell me what I did wrong Obi Wan Kenobi, I mean Gummi?
That is two separate sources of very powerful flavor in one sitting. Clashing bitter flavors would be my guess. A young Corojo is very 'raspy' to me. Kind of like smoking something, and getting a bit of a sandpaper sensation. This mellows with age.

I like to keep blank cigar bands, and date some cigars that I'm interested in aging. I write the purchase date on them, and rotate them to the bottom of my humidor.

You may try it with a semi sweet drink next time. I like to drink coffee or tea with my cigars, they bring out a whole different bunch of flavors. Maybe a creamy coffee, with a hint of raw sugar might go good with it.

Or you could go all out, and spring for a pure cane DrPepper or Coke. I love it with strong cigars.

Originally Posted by Grumbler View Post

Have you seen the latest RP Anniversary?
Rhinestones on the box. So darn gaudy I couldn't even bring myself to try a stick.
You're kidding me?! I have got to get to the shop and check that out. I wonder if they'll be as bad as the CAO Vision a little while back? They came in the coolest box ever, but it was an atrocious smoke. I'm gonna have to go buy one just to see.

Originally Posted by Mastro View Post
Wilshire Ocean Blvd. Anyone ever try em?
No, but I'll put it on my list of things to try. Where did you buy it? Online or a local shop?
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