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Originally Posted by mmoses View Post
I have have a cheap harbor freight one you are welcomed to!
My phone doesn't always get reception, in my barn, so I didn't see your post ... I ended up buying one from Harbor Freight and got it done.

Originally Posted by JFISHER View Post
I plan to also put in a separator, basically a large Brute trash can which would be in the shop and easy to get to. I will say these setups are a "plumbing" nightmare trying to adapt hose ends, fittings, blast gates etc to common PVC.
PVC isn't a recommended material for dust collection. The static could possibly spark and ignite the dust. It's not common, but worth considering. At minimum, make sure you use a bare copper wire to ground all the PVC.

Originally Posted by mmoses View Post
Started on my base for the workbench.

These work great for screws and such.
Uhh, do you have a touch of OCD?
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