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Good write up. Of course there are many who do it a little different. Mine isn't much different but there are 3 things that I do differently.

1. I put the rub on the night before and put in refrigerator. I do not bring up to room temp, it goes straight from fridge to smoker. Main 2 reasons are briskets are large cuts of meat. It will take a long time to get to room temp. Second reason is that cold meats absorb more smoke than warm meats.

2. I always cook fat side down. You quoted amazing ribs web site in your post so go there and read about fat side up or down. Even there he talks about the meat fibers being too tight for the grease to go inside the brisket. All you're doing with fat side up is coating the outside with the grease. I'd rather put fat side down and protect the meat from the hot grates and let the grease drip away.

3. I also don't wrap with foil. That's more a personal choice and I don't knock it for those who do. I just personally don't like to open the lid until I'm ready to take the meat off.

Again just a few differences and it really doesn't matter too much they all produce great briskets.
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