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Originally Posted by muzzlebrake View Post
Wonder where all the brass cases went from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shooters.
I guess they all used caseless ammo. Some things just can't be hidden.
Meanwhile I need to get busy working on my new tin foil hat.
So you think there's no conspiracy at all?

You think the shooter had all those guns and ammo and then shot himself before using 1/100 of his ammo or guns?

You believe his computer was stolen after his house was monitored by the FBI?

You believe they knew he had zero political affiliation 12 hours after the shooting but still don't know why he did it?

You believe he forgot to turn on video cameras he had set up all over?

You believe every sq/ft of Vegas is videoed 24/7 but not one camera got this guy on tape coming or going? He had to take quite a few trips to get all that to his room.
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