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Originally Posted by muzzlebrake View Post
That's what I been trying to do and have gotten some pretty good looking wood doing this. My saw will slice veneer thickness if I need to. I think the key to how well a band saw works is the blade and the tires on the wheel. Since I went to the high end Lenox blades and Blue Max tires my saw has been awesome on both wood and metal.
I've been buying 3 TPI bandsaw blades and depending on how hard the wood is they last ok. Hardwood does eat up blades. I also run everything through my Porter Cable power planner so I can get each piece exactly the size I want.
I have a big chunk of mystery burl here that I need to tackle, the first time I tried to cut it I burned up a brand new band saw blade the first inch! It's hard. I'm going to use a hand saw on it whenever I remember to mess with it.
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