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Originally Posted by Abcdj View Post
Yes somewhere. I have made 3. All different. The one pictured earlier is covered with a tarp off eBay. Made out of cordura fabric. It finally got bad after 3 years in the field.

I skinned one with thin metal and it's my least favorite. Hard to work with, but holds up well. It has windows all the way around.

My favorite one is skinned with 4 x 8 sheets of coroplast. Light easy to work with and has last 2 years with little wear showing. I'm going to do the one on top of the tank with coroplast. Gonna ask all the politicians if I can pick up their signs after election day and use those.

I have the guy customize the rings to 6 ft tall and the windows and door how I want them laid out. They are 8 foot round.

I 've done the roofs differently. The best is 4 pieces of rebar bent and stuck in holes that are drilled. Covered with old billboard vinyls I bought used. The one pictured. I used joists hangers and 2x4s with a plywood roof. It got blown off even screwed down.

Best thing is they weigh nothing and can be rolled around where you want them.

This is the one out of coroplast.

Nice. I think Iím gonna use some old metal roofing pieces. Mine will be a permanent blind. Might even dig out the ground and make it where we are almost looking out at ground level. Then I can just put a flat roof on top with more metal roofing

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