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Originally Posted by Chew View Post
Signed up for Anytime Fitness today. I hate gyms. But the work discount and the biking distance from home was a big plus. Now to figure out what I'm doing. I need a full body workout that I can do about 3 times a week. Cardio will be trail running and/or treadmill mixed in with some mountain bike rides.

Any suggestions for an easy to follow workout using circuit machines and some free weights? Thanks.
Depending on what machines the have for a full body workout, just run through the circuit.


Squats or Leg Press Machine
Leg extensions
Leg curls - seated and laying
Calve raises - most machines in a circuit are standing


Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Lat pull downs
Triceps extensions
Biceps curls - most places only have a preacher curl machine

Machines will limit you.

For a free weight program, I would recommend Stronglifts 5x5 or Starting Strength for starting off. It hits all the big groups, is easy to follow and not any fluff. It's an upper/lower body split done in 3 days.

This is the Stronglift program and you alternate workouts A and B.

Workout A: Squat 55, Bench Press 55, Barbell Row 55
Workout B: Squat 55, Overhead Press 55, Deadlift 15


Week 1
Mon/Fri - workout A
Wed - workout B

Week 2
Mon/Fri - workout B
Wed - workout A

And repeat.

Not sure of how tall you are but machines are really good for us taller folks.

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