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Originally Posted by icetrauma View Post
Here's some motivation for y'all. They say for every 15 lbs ya lose, you gain an extra 1.4 inch to your Johnson.
Do you actually gain, or are you just able to see? [emoji23][emoji23]

Loaded 2980# of scrap metal over the past couple days. Not sure this counts for anything other than showing how out of shape I've gotten after taking off the past couple months. I knew I wouldn't be working out once the time changed and hunting season got started good. I decided on the Athlean-X program for my next workout. Got it ordered this evening and plan to start next week. I haven't gained any weight since I stopped working out, but my chest has settled to my waist. Gotta get things back where they should be so I can wear a 2 piece this summer.[emoji23][emoji23]

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