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Originally Posted by BrandonA View Post
Bone thug could you post up the blueprints? Great build

It’s a 5ft 10” square base on 15” legs.
1” 14ga square tubing already primed.

82” circle wood floor.

If I remember correct....

I ordered
2 sticks at 5ft 10”
4 at 5ft 8”
6 at 6ft to use on the brace and legs. Then cut to fit for floor brace and such.

I didn’t take many pics but here’s a few I have. Jeremy(KingsX) is a whole lot better welder than I am so I had him weld it up.

I would add some pipe caps or something to the leg feet to help it slide a little better. I was originally going to skid it but didn’t end up doing it.

I used 2 bolts on each corner through the blind/floor and deck screws all the way around the lip into the wood floor....Then used 100% silicon all around.

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