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Originally Posted by charles7212 View Post
Nicely done video... Great quality..

Thanks Charles

Originally Posted by Daniel75 View Post
I looked at the time on the video and was like but the opening video and song selection was out-freaking-standing and gets the audience hooked. Watched and enjoyed every minute of it.

Buddy of mine is a professional guide and has offered to take me this September in CO to his public land honey hole. If I start with a new PD in the next month, I'm hoping they'll be ok with it.....if not, it's gonna suck. It'll be my first time as well. I'd love to get your opinion on what gear worked/didn't work for you. The Sony Handycam you mentioned is less than $200, it took outstanding video most of the time.

Great bulls and memories for a lifetime, congrats!

Here's the link to the actual Sony Camera we used. We had 2 of them and 4 GoPros.
We prolly used the Handycams the most but all the extra content with time lapses and night stuff or riding on the ranger was from the GoPros
I could go on and on about each part but really what matters and knowing the angles and what you want to capture and being fluid, the best shot in the world can be ruined by an unsteady hand. That being said I spend hours editing footage. Some can be saved and used, some is awesome and can't even be used... Hope that helps man and good luck

Originally Posted by James View Post
Man... WHAT A VIDEO! No BS, that was better than most stuff on tv. I really enjoyed it. Public land DIY bow hunting is no joke and you captured it perfectly. I hunt near Del Rio, let's have a beer one day. Thanks for sharing.

I really appreciate the kind words. It's a lot of work. I really didn't think it would be or get as big as it has gotten! And yes I'm down for a beer, always! I guide here in Del Rio too so if you ever need/want to hunt some exotics, let me know!

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