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Originally Posted by mjhaverkamp View Post
I seriously doubt Zeke is going to forfeit 250K a game, especially since it looks like they could win some games with what they have on the team now.
I agree 100%. However, I would not be surprised if Jerry decided to make Zeke the highest paid running back in the NFL because it is Jerry's best chance to win a Superbowl. He'll probably also make Dak and Cooper the highest paid at their positions, for the same reason. Then in 3 years the Cowboys won't be able to keep talented players at the other positions. But hey, at least Jerry will go out with a Superbowl ring because of his great GM and ownership decisions. The Boys will then be saddled with the 3 highest paid skilled position players, and mediocre players around them. Then we can go back to being an average 8 and 8 team every year again.
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