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Originally Posted by TUCO View Post
Hey fellas,

I have the newer 550ís with the stronger springs. (I believe they switched over to the stronger springs four or five years ago.)

The pan tension is pretty high even after dipping in FMJ. Most are tripping at 4Ĺ-5+ pounds.

Iíve made no adjustments to my traps as far as pan tension is concerned. They seem to do well, although I believe I tend to miss some coyotes because of the higher pan tension. On the other hand, I miss a lot of coons for the same reason.

Maybe there's another contributing factor to the misses, as even the lightweight coyotes are enough to set the trap off in most cases.

I really donít want to start bending dogs, or filing night latches in order to drop the pan tension, but I would if I thought I could pick up more coyotes and still avoid the coons.

Whatís yíalls take on this?
I do bend the dogs slightly on all mine. Pan tension just seemed too high for my liking. I do go after reds too and I think it was too high for them. If only going after coyotes your probably fine.
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