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Hey All,

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread (I can't seem to start a new one...access issues?) - Anyway, I've been scouting/hunting this area for a couple of years and it's been pretty difficult. While hiking back to my car I was luck enough to be standing at the right place at the right time to double lung a deer at 30 yrds when he was chasing a couple of does - since then I've been trying to figure this place out.

Overall do y'all think the deer density is good - meaning above average? I've read that Fannin county has good deer density...but don't know for sure - I can only compare this to Polk County (which I think has pretty decent deer).

What I've found is that the areas east of Bois d' Arc Creek and west of 2716 isn't all that great - very little sign of deer activity when I was scouting around.

Northwestern segment has ok signs but gets better when hunting near the clearing in the center.

Southeastern area starting from the last hunter check-in post and following the trail northeastern towards Bois d' Arc Creek gets really good with deer signs...just haven't seen any deer haha

Southwestern - I have seen good deer activity but haven't really followed any trials through there - undergrowth is pretty thick hard to get a decent shot of 20 to 30 yards - also hard to navigate

I haven't explored the northern area of coffee mill lake (too many campers and boaters)nor the areas near Lake Crockett - anyone have any experience with those areas? Any tips or units/areas to focus on? I don't know but while scouting and ground hunting I'm thinking that the best bet is to find a clearing with recent deer activity and hunt near oak trees where it looks like the deer are entering from those clearings - would y'all agree? Have any pointers for us "newbs"?

Lastly, do y'all think it's better to use a climbing tree stand for this area? Seems to be a lot of good looking trees that over look the clearings (bedding areas) - I've never hunting using tree stands - always been somewhat weary of the "horror" stories...what are your thoughts?

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