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Originally Posted by ryno77 View Post
Bill M what kind of computer are you running. I'm looking to buy one so I'm looking for ideas!
I built my own recently.

Originally Posted by Casey View Post
I'm curious why the subscription is a problem? I found it to be more or less painless and I feel if I'm going to use it, I need to pay for it...and it's nice to stay current.

I'm also what tools are lagging? I have a 3-4 year old pc and I don't have a lot of issues with LR. I admit, syncing settings across 4000 photos for a timelapse takes a little time, but nothing else I've done has been very laggy.

I read about a tool called Darktable that is an alternative and is now available for Windows.
Casey it's not LR as much as it is PS. Isolating areas and using some of those tools are much slower than in my other versions. The focus select command will crash the software and I have learned this is not an isolated problem. My workflow in LR is pretty basic as anything that will be published most of the time spends a little time in PS as well. I will check out the youtube link, thanks.
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