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Originally Posted by Bill M View Post
I've been using Adobe products for many years but I'm not big on the subscription model. I built a new computer about 3 weeks ago and decided to try the CC with a new email addy so it would not be connected to my old PC with LR6 and PS5. The new PC has more umph to it than the old. Having said that...

I'm finding that LR and PS CC 2018 really drags and is not as responsive as the older versions. Some tools do not work as well for me either. Might be user error/inexperience with the new product or might not be. I don't know yet. I do know this. I'm looking for alternatives.

I'm curious to hear experiences with other software. I'm currently exploring

Capture One (LR alternative)

Affinity Photo

Corel Paintshop Pro


to name a few. I'd be curious to hear what you guys are thinking on this. Hopefully we can get a meaningful and helpful discussion going.

I recently switched to luminar 2018 and love it. Itís like photoshop and Lightroom had a baby that is more powerful than Lightroom and less cumbersome than photoshop with many of the functions from photoshop I need. They also have Aurora hdr which is s good tool if you shoot landscape.

The only issue that I am not a fan of is the lack of a library/catalogue. They claim to be adding it in early 2018. If that goes through as planned Adobe is off of my computer. Hope this helps

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