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Default August 29th Update

Well, we are getting ready for deer season. My dad, two brothers, and one of our buddy's filled all of our feeders up with corn and through out some alfalfa and rice bran. We are copying what BoneThug does by adding alfalfa and rice bran to our buffet, I just hope we can eventually grow some bucks like he is growing. We will continue to feed the alfalfa and rice bran along with our corn, cottonseed and protein throughout the year. We set up our 3rd Krivoman feeder, the 1,500lb corn/protein combo. Like I have said before, Krivoman makes great feeders and Mitch is a great guy. We are going to buy one of his 2,000lb feeders next year to replace our All-Season's 1,000lb trough and buy two of his timed protein units.

Middle (1,500lb Krivoman Feeder):
Name:  Middle_1,500lb.jpg
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NW Corner (1,300lb Krivoman Feeder):
Name:  NW Corner.jpg
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SE Corner (1,000lb Krivoman Feeder):
Name:  Se Corner.jpg
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NE Corner:
Name:  NE Corner_Feeders.jpg
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We put two corn feeders here, one goes off in the AM and the other in the PM. We will be replacing these two with another 1,500lb Krivoman feeder next year.

NE Corner Bow Blind:
Name:  NE Corner_Bow Blind.jpg
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Protein Trough:
Name:  Trough.jpg
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We set up a new bow blind at our protein trough because we have two really good bucks that always go to this feeder and none of the other feeders:
Name:  Protein Trough Bow Stand View.jpg
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Name:  Protein Trough_looking at Bow Stand.jpg
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We did get 0.40in of rain last week, but things are drying up quickly out there since that was the only rain we got in August. We are supposed to have a really wet September. The Farmer's Almanac is predicting 3in above average, which would be great for when we plant our 4-acre fall food plot this year. I'll keep you posted on how the food plot goes and post more pictures of bucks when I get the memory cards.

I'll be driving out there next weekend to set up all of the pop up blinds and make sure all of the bow blinds are ready to rock. I have to install cattle panels or something around our pop-up blinds because last year cows destroyed my Double Bull blind. Has anyone protected their pop up blinds from cows. If so, what did you do?

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