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Default Filling Up Corn Feeders

Originally Posted by bgleaton View Post
We keep our 1,000lb all season trough filled all year and it's in the middle of our property. All of the other feeders are converted to corn around the end of August. We do not hunt the protein feeder.
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We are setting up our 3rd Krivoman feeder and filling up all of our corn feeders this weekend. One of the great things about these big Krivoman feeders is that when we fill them up with corn, they stay full for almost the entire season. This causes much less disturbance and stress on our deer herd. In the off-season, we convert them into protein feeders and they last almost 5 times as long as a 50gal barrel protein feeder. Mitch is the man!

We are also setting out alfalfa and rice bran this weekend to see how the deer take. They are starting to eat more and more this time of year to help bulk up for the rut. Our mentality is the more food we can offer, the better shape they will be in after the rut.

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