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We parked in the property by the gate and walking about 500 yards which is only an easement NO Hunting allowed till we get to the property boundary. We jump Elk about 100 yards from the property line and we froze still in our tracks. I could hear bulging in our property in the distance. With no cover we just stood still as the elk moved off , they were about 175 yards away. We started to advance ( wind in our face of course ) 3 cows and a bull spotted us on high hill maybe 300 or 400 yards away then they left over the sky line. We got close into our property I spotted some elk above us but they weren't spooked. I decided to leave them be and come back this afternoon. I didn't want to take a chance on blowing them out of thr as the place is LOADED up with elk. Truth be told I'm not that experienced enough to stalk hunt them especially when the elk are at a elevated position then me.
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