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Originally Posted by Smart View Post
Aight fellow chicken deplorables ...we are just under a month out. Looks like unless the Bownanza traffic picks up substantially over the next month, we are going to need no more than 80 lbs of chicken for this year ....just like last year. Based on Justin's wholesale price point, that will be approx $190 at $95 per 40lbs. Depending on the donation amounts by the folks listed in our supplies list, we need to make sure that number gets covered since we can't do chicken wings without chicken wings..

So...If you have pledged to donate to the chicken fund, I think it would be a good idea to let Justin or I know what amount you plan to do so we will know what our total is and subsequently, let us figure out where we stand on that total.

Here is Justin's PayPal he provided earlier in the thread if you want to go ahead and get it over with.

PayPal any wing donation money to me.

Chicken wings have went up this year. $95.16 a case which is $2.37 a pound.

Put me down for $50 on the wings

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