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Originally Posted by enewman View Post
witch arrow and how long.

i do want to add. programs are a starting point only. i do not believe you can cut the arrow to the length the program states and it is correct. to many variables. this is why i dynamic tune.

i posted a paper on here looking at spine it shows why
Here's my thought process, hope I can explain it well enough:

First off I dont know how much weight I can add to a stiffer arrow before I have added too much and the arrow has a hard time stabilizing. Knowing this I took what I would consider a "normal, factory" hunting arrow for my draw weight and length which would be the Maxima 250 @ 28". This arrow would have all standard equipment such as the 11g factory nock and a 100g broadhead. I used this info to calculate dynamic spine for that set up. This dynamic spine was then my target for my heavy arrow build. Basically it allowed me to play with shaft spines, insert weights, and broadhead weights to build a heavier arrow that still had the same dynamic spine as the "normal, factory" arrow.
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