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So Friday night was my wife's best friends bday party. went to uptown and she hit the bottle a little hard, so I texted my buddy to see if he wanted to come sit with me and shoot a doe if we saw one. He said hes game. Get home around 2:30am and asleep by 3am. Of course, I start off by sleeping through my alarm. I was supposed to be at my buddies house by 4:45, and he was calling at 5am asking where the heck I was. Since he lives 40 mins away, I was already really behind. Get him and get to the lease around 6:30am. Later than I wanted but atleast it was still dark and I only have to walk about 250 yards from where I park to where my blind is as its only an 18acre cattle pasture next to a state park. I grab my stuff and when I lean into my truck to grab something, I accidentally leaned on the horn. So between being late, and pretty much letting any animal around know I was there, I thought for sure I wouldnt see anything. We are sitting and around 7:45 the buck I have been hunting, an older 8 point whose brow tines are MAYBE 2 inches tall at most, shows himself in the daytime for the first time ever. 125yards out. He comes out into the field, walks about 40 yards, then turns around and goes back over the fence. never came within bow range. I was mad thinking that was my only chance at him this year and I messed up by not setting up closer to the fence crossing. around 8 some crows come and land in the food plot about 15 yards from us. Bored and antsy, I decided to stick one for the heck of it. Drilled one right in the head. I let it sit for 10 mins and my buddy says "you should probably get that out of there, itll scare off the deer." so I reluctantly agree to climb out of the ground blind to go get it. As soon as I step out of the blind I see a buck walking in the field, exact same spot as the buck I have been hunting. I thought it was him, so I whispered to my buddy to hurry the f up and pass me my bow. I immediately side step as to put one of the few trees I actually have on my side of the fence between me and the deer. I start working my towards him, weaving in and out of the 12 trees I have on my side of the fence, all while staying low so the native texas grass covers most of my body. I get down to where my short line of trees end and take a knee behind an oak sapling, watching as this buck walks towards me. He gets directly on the other side of the sapling, so I draw back while I still have something between us so he doesnt see me. Right when I drew back, he turned his head towards me. I thought for sure he saw me. He lifts his nose to the sky and starts sniffing around. Luckily, we had a north wind working in my favor. He looks back down in my direction, takes a couple steps towards me, then starts making a scrape on the tree Im hiding behind. Cool to see, but this whole time I am still sitting fully drawn with only a few thin branches between me and my first buck. I sit there as still as possible, starting to shake from my muscles wearing out. Finally he stops and starts walking, he takes a few steps out right in front of me. I cant see his body, only his head and neck because the grass was too tall and blocking my view. I line my sight up on where I thought his vitals were and pull the trigger. I hear a loud thud sound, and watch as the deer runs about 10 steps, then casually starts walking around from me. Im kicking myself in the butt thinking I missed and telling myself that when you shoot a deer it doesnt make a thud sounds (first bow kill so i didnt know). I text my buddy saying I need another arrow so Im going to try and get back to him as the deer is just standing in the field about 40 yards out from where I am, and only about 20 yards from the blind. he text back and says "you gut shot him." Now I start to panic thinking I really need another arrow or hes gonna run off and I will lose him. I start sneaking back, all while watching this deer to make sure he doesnt notice me and take off running. When I get about 15 yards from the blind the bucks butt drops and the rest of him follows. I immediately jump and start doing the tiger woods fist shake. I walk over to where I shot the deer and look for blood as to give the deer time to die. not a drop anywhere to be found. I walk over to the buck, and see its not the deer I was after. It was a buck I had never seen before. In over 14,000 pictures had never once seen this deer before. but i was grateful. Stood over this brute, told my buddy I have to pray over him and thank the lord for the hunt, then started my photo shoot haha.

And by the way, I didnt gut shoot the deer. I hit perfectly on the mark, hit his heart and 1 lung, but the arrow turned inside him and came out high and back which you can see in the pics. None of his intestines or stomach were punctured though.
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