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buzzcut You seem to have some hostility toward the Matadore WMA area manager. For what reason, I can't really understand.

Okay how much longer do they need and how much bigger do they have to get?Why haven't the rifle hunters been allowed to shoot a mule deer PERIOD at Matador since 2001?
You seem to be misinformed about who has harvested animals and when they were harvested and by what means they were harvested at the matador wma.

Yes, They have put in place a horn restriction on muledeer and also a horn restriction on whitetail. So you see, they are protecting the younger deer both whitetail and mule deer.

Yes, they have had both whitetail hunts and muledeer hunts on the matador for rifle hunters and for bowhunters the last few years.

Otherwise paying for an archery permit on the area will continue to be what it is now...nothing more than an glorified camping trip and expensive birdwatching session.
I use to hunt the matador for mule deer before it was a draw and yes the hunting was pretty good. Then the place got to be really popular and the place was a mad house with over 200 people on the property during the archery only hunts. During this time mostly 1.5 year old buck were harvested with very few of them being whitetail.

The then area manager decided to use a postcard drawing system to lower the numbers of hunters each weekend which would inhance the overall hunting experiece, which could allow for a greater chance for those selected to actually harvest an animal.

During the next few years, the People that were lucky enough to have been drawn were still harvesting bucks that were 1.5 years old. It got to the point that if you actually saw a buck on the property, it was something to talk about.

The area manager then decided to place an atler restriction on the muledeer and whitetail bucks to protect the younger deer and give them time to grow up. This was greatly appreciated by myself and others that had hunted the area and new of its potential. ( Myself and others of whom I've talked with had requested just such a antler restriction for several years )

During this time there where still people showing up and hunting that had not drawn a permit and when caught by the gamewarden were given a slap on the wrist with a small fine by a local judge.

Right before Chip Ruthven was appointed area manager, the biologist on locatioin decided to put a lock on all gates with a combination that only the drawn weekend hunter would know the combination. At the end of each hunt, they would change the combination on each lock to a new number that would be given to the new arrivals for the following weekend. This apparently worked great, because I witnessed nine trucks trying to gain access to the property before daylight one saturday morning and were turned away by the locked gates.

So you see, the area manager is well informed on what animals are on the property and what numbers can be harvested and still maintain a healthy population and diversity.

The property is first and formost a wildlife research area and secondly an area that the public can enjoy a natural resource.

If you don't want to try for a draw hunt on the property, then that's your business, but don't wine about the rules when the people running the place have a degree that makes them the expert in the utilization of the resource. If you want to put in your $.02 then write the area manager about your concerns.
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