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Yeah I was one of those who complained about the 4 point rule.That's why I didn't pony-up the $125 for a permit last year.The people running the place know bowhunters dont stand a snowball's chance in hail of sneaking to within archery range of a mature muley!
Amen to that, I would compromise if they just adopted the antler restrictions some of the counties have, basically it has to be either 13(maybe 15 for muleys) inches inside spread or at least one spike.

Do ya'll usually go on the early or later hunts? Ever any sign of rutting activity when you're there? Do you go on the rifle hunts also, or just the archery?
YOU HAVE TO BE DRAWN to hunt there, so you don't get to pick when you hunt TPWD picks that for you. As far as getting in one of the rifle hunts they only draw 12 people every year and thousands apply so basically your lucky to get drawn in your lifetime.

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