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Originally Posted by TX Outlaw View Post
I think this should be the updated one

Pit/smoker- Damian
wood- Damian
weed burner and propane tank - Texarican (propane tank)
bbq sauce
butter/margarine for corn
drunk chicken stands- Damian

beer for drunk chickens - Texarican
meat thermometers -Damian

canopies/e-z ups - Damian, tx outlaw
tables -Damian

chafing dishes, sterno, tongs, food containers
good paper plates - tx outlaw
trash can
trash bags - tx outlaw
foil and foil pans -tx outlaw
cutting boards
knives -Damian
insulated gloves -Damian ( I had 4 pair two years ago, I only have one pair left, if you accidentally took, or borrowed a pair, PLEASE bring them back! I won't question you at all!!!)
disposable food handling gloves
table cloths - Texarican
paper towels - tx outlaw
coolers - Damian
flag pole and flags-Damian
radio - tx outlaw
fire pit - Texarican
wood - Texarican
fire extinguisher - Texarican
donations for chicken
t-shirts made
Nope .

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