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Default 10 - 700 yd hog gun

Originally Posted by sendit View Post
I would suggest getting closer to the feeder. I have a 50 BMG, a 338 Lapua and a boat load of various magnums but I take most hogs with a suppressed 300 BO shooting subsonic 220-240gr SMK's out to 100yds or so.

I shoot the 223 and 223AI at 600yds pretty regular and the wind will kick your butt using heavy VLD's much less a lighter hunting bullet. Many a good group has been spoiled by a misread. Hunting you will usually only have one completely relaxed shot.

Furthest bow hunting setup we have right now is 27 yds.

The back feeder hasn't been hunted from camp, yet, but has been from the ground blind.
No ones had the correct rifle. We do now[emoji106]

We moved the blind and feeder 2 months ago. Trying to find the sweet spot. Deer had to cross a big field to get to the feeder.

Landowner has 3 gun setups. I think the furthest is 125yds.
I won't hunt them out of respect for him.

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