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Originally Posted by Lungbustr View Post
Have you ever shot 700 yards? Your mentioning guns that would be some of the absolute worst choices if somebody wanted to shoot 700 yards.
Yep. A 223? Sorry, at 700 yards you could almost hold out your hand and catch the bullet, not to mention even a slight breeze blowing it 20 feet off target at that range.

Personally I don't think any self-respecting sportsman would try to take an animal at 700 yards, because there's too high a probability of wounding. No animal deserves to suffer, and it's the hunter's ethical responsibility to ensure a quick, clean kill. If you're not 100% sure you can do that, don't pull the trigger.

Not trying to throw the tread off-topic, but just the observation that you're even considering a .223 for 700 yard hog shots leads me to believe that you're a little on the naive side. Nothing wrong with that, either - we all started somewhere, and TBH is a good place to learn. Like, no hard feelings, OK?

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