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Originally Posted by SFAbowhunter View Post
Okay, so we purchased our property right at a year ago. It's 70 acres with a creek running the whole length of my western side and then the creek splits and goes north into the center of his place. I have only met one of my neighbors as it seems most of them aren't around when I'm there. I believe most of them don't live on their places. This neighbor contacted the realtor that had listed our property in hopes of getting my contact info. The realtor said he didn't want to give out my info, but would pass his info along if he was okay with that. The realtor had said the neighbor had gained access from my neighbor to the east before when he did some logging on his place, but for some reason he wasn't wanting to contact that neighbor for access now.

I plan to call the neighbor and talk it over with him. I have a feeling that whatever he did last time with my eastern neighbor didn't go so well, so now he's trying to find a different entrance.

This is certainly what it sounds like
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