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Originally Posted by MikeTCU View Post
Nice rig! Did you shoot the 6 as well and if so why the 5? I'm in the market and trying to find some time to test drive. As a lefty they are hard to find (last I checked CCR had a 6).
I drew a RH demo 6 the day they came out just to get an idea on the draw cycle. That's the bad part about being a lefty is generally a longer wait.

I have both 5 and 6 inch brace height bows and shoot them both comfortably so I wasn't as worried about the brace height and ordered the 5. I hunt a lot out West and have a bighorn sheep hunt scheduled in November so I migrate towards speed bows...not necessarily for IBO as my bows will never see 345 or 353 fps but because I like heavier arrows with flatter trajectory. Makes for a pretty devastating combo. If the bow was for tree stand hunting in Texas out to 40 yards I would have got a Halon 6 in 60lbs and been just as happy.
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