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Another cure for your rifle, if you don't hand load ammo, is to replace the barrel, with a 223 Wylde barrel. If you go that route, decide what weight bullets you want to shoot, then make sure you get a barrel with rate of twist that works for that weight of bullet.

For two years, I could not find the 52 gr. Speer bullet, I looked all over for a similar bullet, I never found one. So I started looking at other options. The cure I came up with is the 223 Wylde chambering. it has a much shallower throat, than a 5.56 chambering. So when shooting common bullets, loaded to common lengths, that work in a AR mag, the bullet is much closer to the rifling lands. It is supposed to do a lot for accuracy. I almost went that route with my Bushmaster, because I could not find the little 52 gr. Speer. But once Nagel's got some more of those bullets back in stock, I dropped the 223 Wylde barrel idea.
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