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Originally Posted by wes122984 View Post
Ever heard of apple pay? samsung pay? android pay? google wallet? people use these services every day and paying with crypto is just as easy....once more merchants accept it.

You can also order a debit card, that spends from your bitcoin, so you can use it anywhere even withdraw cash from atm. I use one.

amazon is about to launch some crypto stuff as well. accepting it, their own marketplace exchange etc.

i dont think the current bitcoin will be the primary currency used for everyday transactions. its slow, fees are too high etc. either a fork will take it over or another currency will rise. there some that are instant and fee less.

as a currency, its just a better ledger system. your bank is just a ledger. the difference is you control your own money with the same conveniences as banking. the bank will invest your money, loan your money etc without asking you and giving you peanuts in return. if you are in control, you choose. this also means you are in control of your own security as well.

im a huge fan of the tech. especially ethereum smart contracts. research a bit on what it can do. used as a currency is the tiniest piece of it.

Imagine a voting system. Every registered voter is issued a token and wallet. simply holding that token entitles you to a vote. each person could vote for every single bill and law introduced, elected officials etc. all on a smart contract on the blockchain. you cant hack it, alter it etc. it is verifiable by anyone. if it was as easy as opening a smart phone app or go online to vote i believe more would do it. by the people for the people.

you can create a company, where the shareholders vote on every major decision.

tons of uses are popping up. there is a new power company making partnerships that allow people to trade unused electric instead of selling it back to the electric company.

check it out, some really cool stuff being done. and anyone can do it.
Samsung pay and apple pay both use US backed currency as payment forms is what I'm getting at. I agree with you on the uses of the systems have a lot of potential. However, I'm looking at it from a currency/investment. Obviously the price has soared and it has been a great play as a high risk investment. Although I don't see it remaining that way in the long term.

I'll look into what you were referring to. I am definitely not an expert on this at all, just not quite ready to invest my money or others.

Seeing it as a currency, do you think there is a potential that people don't value the bitcoin as high as it is currently?

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