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Originally Posted by Bowtech Lefty View Post
That's a great pic, congrats!!! Gonna have to get my kids signed up next year.
Not sure how a race can be so hard and fun at the same time but it was! Only obstacle I couldn't complete was the spear throw and those 30 burpees were tough. Had a great time and will be doing it again.
We'll be doing more too! I don't remember the last time I was hurting as bad as I am this morning but am ready to do another.
Definitely sign your kids up. My 6 year old blew thru the 1/2 mile course and was thrilled! Our bigger boys had their hands full with the 2 mile course but smashed it! Spartan team didn't hold back on what they threw at the 10-13 year olds. Aliens boy Gideon, did it with Jacob even though he's only 9.

Of course, Alien blew through the obstacles like they weren't even there but the overhead monkey bar style ones (not sure what all y'all had on the Sprint) ate my lunch and I was just too gased by the time I got to the rope climb. Way too many burpees this time around but now I know what I gotta work on.

Not real sure I was thinking straight but we went ahead and paid for the Dallas Beast in October. Got some serious training between now and then to get done!
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