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Originally Posted by Throwin' Darts View Post
That was complete idiocracy. The format of the questioning was terrible. The prosecutor could get no where in the questioning. She asked Ford to confirm statements that she had just made and then Ford would fumble around and burn up all the time. The prosecutor did an awful job in my opinion of not hammering home the simple facts, which include no one, not even her lifelong female friend, corroborating her story.

Ford isn't smart enough to see herself for what she is, a pawn. She was used by the Dems to carry out this character assassination. They sat on her letter for 45 days while doing nothing. The allegations could have been fully investigated during that time. If they really cared about Ford's well being, which they continuously spouted during their allotted time rather than asking pertinent questions, then they would have investigated her claims in private, as she asked them to, and not turned this into the public circus that it is now.

The entire story is bogus. The building a second door story because she has PTSD from this event is so far out there. She mentioned that the second door is used by tenants in her home. That would make all the sense in the world as to why a second door was installed. Being so traumatized by an event 30 years ago causing you to install a second door in your home makes no sense when the woman who sat up there was giggling and laughing, etc. She didn't know who was there, where "there" was, how she got there, how she got away from there, nothing.

The dems blasted the lack of investigation however their criticism should have been directed at Feinstein because shes the one that backed everyone into this corner timing wise. But don't let it fool you, that's exactly what each Dem up there wanted to happen and they used this Ford yahoo as their chess piece.

I don't believe BK did what she says she did. If he did, he wouldn't have been charged with a crime then, and probably not now had it happened in 2018. Regardless, that ship sailed years ago and Ford's opportunity to bring it to light and actually be viewed as credible should have sailed away right along with it but we live in a time when politicians on both sides of the isle are so downright degenerate that they are ruining the country.
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