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Awesome stuff. Do you drill into the elbon rye thatch?

Have you planted Alyce clover before? What's your opinion on it versus Durana or Dutch White?
I use a no till drill directly thru the rye thatch. Still experimenting with this as the thatch can be quite thick. Yesterday I experimented raising the bush hog 5-6" high. Seemed to smooth out the thatch better and I'm not worried about stubble height.Last yr I had no problems but didnt plant the rye as thick as this year.

I've used Alyce clover for years mostly mixed with Joint vetch. They are very compatible though like slightly different soil conditions. Deer clearly prefer the vetch over Alyce but consume both. Both are planted in the spring and in La. if big enough field planted will drop seed which resprouts the following spring. I had a vetch field reseed for 15 yrs before just this fall reworked to plant anew this spring. Of the two I prefer vetch. Lastly both Alyce and vetch have great late summer early fall growth and tend to be where deer are concentrated after the brutal La. summers.

I love Durano. Have planted both Durano and white dutch. Unequivocally Durano does better here. I usually plant Durano with a red clover mix in fall. By year 2 the Durano has taken over. Both are fall planted clovers with different growth characteristics than Alyce or vetch. I'm planting the vetch/Alyce combo in to Crimson as it will have seeded out by early May dieing shortly and the combo will grow thru the thatch.

If I had to choose between Alyce or clover Durano would be unquestioned option. One value to vetch or Alyce over clover is it sometimes can be more available late summer in droughty conditions if clover goes dormant.
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